Wearing high cut tops will make your boobs appear bigger

Wearing high cut tops will make your boobs appear bigger

Did you know that some clothing styles just don't do any wonder for your curves. When you think of it, we have these beautiful curves of our bodies yet when we add a straight line across our curvy body parts it makes the eye follow from one side to the other which makes your curves appear wider.

Another way to think of it is, if you had a rectangle and you drew two circles in it you will notice all the wasted space around the circles which are hidden from the rectangle.

That is why we look for ways to not hide your curves but to draw the right attention to them while making you feel confident. 

When you wear a straight cut top or dress you are boxing in your boobs and anyone with fuller bust will know that when you look down they seem in your face enlarged overnight. This is the look a straight cut creates which is what we need to avoid.

Wearing a dress or top that is a v neck or scoop neck or sweetheart neckline will slim the look of the bust and draw attention downwards creating a longer appearance to your body. It also opens up the chest so you don't feel like your boobs meet your chin.

See how we transform the look of Prue's F cup boobs from a high cut top that adds volume to a sweetheart neckline creating a elegant curve to balance her boobs.

Jeuje Girl: Prue

Body shape: Hourglass Bra: 10F Hips: 12

Wearing: Chelby Sweetheart Strapless - Mango Yellow - 10 Curvy


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