brining colour to curves
JEUJE [je-uje]

means to have fun, to find your playfulness and embrace those beautiful curves


Jeuje is the amazing result of when women come together over a few wines at the kitchen bench, off-loading one’s troubles and shopping frustrations that they were having, not being able to find clothes that were colourful and yet designed for our bigger boobs and curvaceous bums.

Realness + Honesty + Inspiration

Started in the smallest of apartments in Clovelly, where Prue covered her living space with fabrics, zipper and lycra working on the prototypes of her designs that she had designed from the desires her friends wanted in clothing.

Our purpose is to create a colourful clothing that is tailored for our curvy body shapes

To achieve this we have created our unique sizing which allows women to show off their true waistline with sufficient room up top for those boobs of ours which we all know come sin different shapes and sizes.

No longer do women have to wear dresses 2x bigger just to fit their boobs and bums.

All our designs are created by curves for curves, we know the struggle and we know how to design clothing that flows with our curves,making it flattering, sufficient coverage while still showing off our beautiful shape.

Seeing women rediscover their confidence in their body shape through our designs is the most priceless gift to us!

This is me the curves behind the brand

Jeuje clothing was officially born in 2019 out of the frustration of our founder Prue's body shape that had been impacting her since she was fourteen years old. A sporty girl with f cup boobs saw her struggle as a surfer having to wear her bra surfing as no swimwear would support them.

Fast forward 20 years on and her struggle with her body shape had continued finding herself starting her days in a negative mind set because of her wardrobe. Prue decided that enough was enough, she wanted to feel positive, feel amazing in what she stepped out that day it and realised that she was not alone, her curvier friends were going through the same struggle.

One afternoon at the local beach hotel in Coogee, Prue walked into the pub in one of her designs to greet her friends to watch the rugby and her bosom buddy Ellie instantly asked in her strong Hull accent‘where did that dress… I want one’….

True to our founders beautiful caring personality, Prue designs each item from listening to the needs of her curvy friends and in gratitude she names each one after them.