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Jeuje Clothing

Jeuje Clothing is a modern fashion brand bringing colour to curvy women. The story began when owner Prue Egan said good bye to her successful career in sport and Sydney and moved home to the Sunshine Coast to turn her passion into a business


For the past thirteen years I had a successful career in sport management, I was the first female to manage five (5) England teams and the first ever manager of the England Knights team. On my return to Australia, I became the first female to manage the Australian Men’s Water Polo team. I loved my role and even though it was a very male dominated industry and environment, eventually my resistant male colleagues saw me as an equal. 



I have always struggled with my body shape since I was fifteen, I surfed and played rep netball but was naturally blessed with boobs and solid bum/thighs, not the typical body shape for those sports.

I remember using my bra to surf when I was sixteen as I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t flash the guys and after a few derogatory comments I started to wear my brothers’ rash shirts and boardshorts which were three times to big, unflattering but they covered me up.

My best friend Chelby was also blessed with a G cup bust and would always encourage me to embrace them instead of hiding them. Her advice gave this insecure sixteen-year-old courage and confidence. While living in England I found clothes that were a better fit, making me feel more confident, this gave me the idea to start designing.

When I returned back to Australia, not only did I realise that I was still buying clothes from the UK, but my friends with curves were too, struggling to find clothes that felt great for their body shape.

This is when I decided to start looking into what I needed to do in order to turn my designs into actual products. I started emailing manufacturers, meeting with pattern makers, material companies, you name it I did it. I educated myself on all the areas I needed to know about. I explored endless manufacturers over the past four years, trying to find the right one that had the knowledge and willingness I needed and convince them to make 10-20 sizes not the standard 5 sizes.

I reached a point where I made the decision to close the chapter on my sport career and go 100% into my new adventure and Jeuje Clothing was born.



I have always volunteered to support people with disabilities and have had the pleasure of managing the England Wheelchair team. This gave me a real insight into different disabilities and their capabilities.

Four the past four (4) years I have been a volunteer board member with the Disabled Surfers Association, a charity that I am very passionate about.  DSA runs events for people with all disabilities for the opportunity to participate in surfing, play on the beach and meet new acquaintances.

I remember thinking to myself how do I just chose one charity? I wanted to help as many charities as I can and from my experience in trying to recruit people to volunteer, I knew that not everyone will feel connected to that one charity. By linking the charity with a design and an influencer we connect the influencer, the charity and people by a common interest. I can’t wait to see how much we have supported in years to come.


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